VLOG: Bats and monkeys!

I visit Khao Yai and see gibbons, millions of bats and a cobra. In Lopburi my sunglasses get stolen. Check my vlog, English subtitles are available!


Travel the world ON A BUDGET with these tips!

Travel does not have to be expensive, but it does require a different way of thinking. Often you can even travel very luxuriously by paying attention to small details! Many small expenses combined become one huge expense, and while you’re travelling you are less inclined to count your pennies. The more you save, the more you can spend on longer trips or fun attractions.

If you follow these tips you will notice that it is not that difficult to travel on a limited budget.



How to live for free on a farm in France for a whole month

I had met my English and Irish friends in Antwerp, let them stay at my home and spent two days in Brussels. But now we were a few weeks further, and I was on the train to France. I told my boss that I wouldn’t come to work for a while and I had dropped my cat at a friends house. My backpack was packed for a month and contained a tent, some camping gear, train tickets, 100 euros and a pile of clothes. I had taken my bike and was ready for an adventure. I was going to do Woofing in France with a few mates that I had only recently met. (more…)

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