I am Famo, The Broke Belgian. I am a 32 year old backpacker.
Over the years I have gained a lot of experience with traveling on a small budget. As an eighteen-year-old, I already hitchhiked towards the Czech Republic in search of cheap cigarettes. I don’t smoke anymore, but this journey meant the beginning of a life in which I search for as much adventure as possible. I have traveled through Eastern Europe by train, visited the non-existent country of Transnistria, saw the terrible consequences of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and enjoyed the sun in Essaouira, Morocco. In Berlin and Belgrade I lived to the rhythm of the night and in Brussels I couchsurfed with strangers to get to know my own country better.

Often I get the question how I pay for all these travels. The truth is that travel does not have to be expensive! On this website I try to share tips and tricks in order to travel as cheaply as possible, and at the same time experience as much as possible. I also enjoy sharing the crazy things that I experienced and will experience along the way.

During the year 2019, I’m on a world trip. I visit Southeast Asia and South America. Follow the journey live on this website!